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Boxgrove PTA - Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Boxgrove Parent Teacher Association (BPTA)?

The Boxgrove Parent Teacher Association (BPTA) is a registered charity which is run by a committee. This committee are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The members of the Boxgrove PTA are made up of all parents/carers of Boxgrove pupils and their teachers.

How do I join the Boxgrove PTA?

All parents/carers of Boxgrove pupils and their teachers are automatically members of the Boxgrove PTA and are encouraged to attend the Boxgrove PTA meetings regularly throughout the year. At these meetings all new ideas are raised and ongoing projects and events are discussed.  We work as a team of parents/carers and teachers to decide how the proceeds from our fundraising should be allocated.

What does the Boxgrove PTA fund?

The Boxgrove PTA funds things that the school cannot fund from its budget such as sports activities or the mural in the Kent Hall, but that are just as beneficial to the children.

With the governments cuts to the school’s budget, it's becoming more and more important for parents/carers to support the fundraising of the Boxgrove PTA.

The last academic year (2016/2017) has been an astonishing year and we raised over £32,000 in additional funding for the school. However, only a small percentage of the Boxgrove community was involved. It is therefore vitally important that we have more people involved.

What was the money spent on?

The PTA has funded the upgrading and improvement works to the KS1 playground. The first phase has been completed with smart new astro turf, giving the look of fresh grass all year round. The second phase should be carried out later on in the year and this will comprise of new play equipment for the children.

The PTA has also funded Maths trays for each year group to ensure there are enough resources for everyone. This will ensure the maths mastery approach is being taught effectively with the use of enough resources for all children. Resources are a crucial necessity when teaching maths to ensure all children are able to access and understand their learning.

It will also be the used by the school and the Boxgrove PTA at events, such as sports days and fairs. Other money donated by the PTA will be funding:

  • Library refurbishment with new storage and new books.
  • Focus weeks.
  • Christmas crackers for the children's school Christmas dinner.
  • Allotment equipment for Mr Stevenson.
  • A donation to each class for equipment and resources.

So as you can see the money raised is vital and helps us improve the school as a whole for the benefit of all.

How can I help?

Parents/carers have a range of strengths and talents which they can use to support the school for example to run an event, or just lend a hand at an event or even come up with new ideas. In addition to organising the various events every year, the school is also looking to source funding for large-scale projects.

And if anyone fancies taking on a Class Rep role or would like to help run an event as part of a team, for example the School Disco and the family BBQ next year, it would be a great help and much appreciated.

The PTA and Boxgrove need you!

There are many ways in which you can help the Boxgrove PTA, whether you have lots of time or not.

Why not come along to our next Boxgrove PTA meeting to find out more? You can also "like" our Facebook page for Boxgrove PTA updates.

Feel free to email us at or fill out the form below.

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