At Boxgrove we want every child to:

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Love learningFind their strengths and talentsAchieve more than they thought possible

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A Warm Welcome from the Boxgrove PTA!

You've probably heard of us, but you might not be sure of how to get involved, or even heard of all the amazing things the Boxgrove PTA has recently funded for your child(ren)! 

During the most recent academic year (2017/2018) we raised over £29,000, which gets invested back into equipment and activities that enrich the learning and enjoyment for ALL the children at Boxgrove, including yours, from updating the infant playground and providing funding for the Allotment project to donations to each class for equipment and resources as well as purchasing the top 100 books for years 3, 4, 5, and 6 with other years planned.

In addition to the various Events organised throughout the year by the Boxgrove PTA, we also have several on-going initiatives all aimed at raising more money towards equipment and activities for all the children of Boxgrove. Details of these can be found on our Fundraising page.

We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions as to which new projects the Boxgrove PTA should fund for the children of Boxgrove. 

It's not as time-consuming as you might think. Just a couple of hours a month from you or helping at the events organised by the Boxgrove PTA each year can make all the difference in the funds we raise.

To find out who to speak to, visit our Contacts page.

Why not come and find out more about us and ways in which you can help at our next meeting? There is no membership policy and we are always keen to hear new ideas, projects and events. We work as a team of parents and staff to decide how the money raised can help support our children’s education.

Everyone is invited to the next Boxgrove PTA Meeting which will be held on:

Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 7:45pm

Location: The Children's Centre, Boxgrove Primary School.