At Boxgrove we want every child to:

Boxgrove Lane, Guildford, Surrey GU1 2TD

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Love learningFind their strengths and talentsAchieve more than they thought possible

Aims and Values



  • To convey to all children our high expectations of their behaviour and achievement to allow them to thrive now and in the future

  • To engender a positive atmosphere that ensures all children feel cared for and secure

  • To encourage pupils to develop an understanding and awareness of personal, spiritual, moral and cultural values

  • To provide wide and enriching learning experiences within the school environment and the wider community enabling all children to achieve more than they thought possible

  • To help all pupils to appreciate, respect and understand each other as individuals and to take personal responsibility for maintaining and caring for the school environment and our whole school community

  • To work together with parents to provide a partnership which supports the growing child

  • To help children to grow into individuals who are creative, inquisitive, resilient, ambitious, independent and caring.  This will enable them to be committed to learning for the rest of their lives.